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Live, Lead and Liberate

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Unlock, untapped potential!

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Discover Your Leadership Voice

Everyone is a leader who influences others whether at home, work, or in the community. We all have blindspots that impair our ability to lead others well. Let us help you unlock, untapped potential that will grow you and your organization. Set up a free account and take the 5 Voices assessment to Discover Your Leadership Voice.

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Becoming a Leader Worth Following

     Are you a leader your team "has" to follow or "wants" to follow? Is your team compliant, working soley for a paycheck, or truly committed to your vision and mission? 

     A leader worth following creates a culture where everyone is seen, heard and valued.

     A leader worth following is 100% healthy and multiplies healthy leadership to their team.  Book a consult to learn more.

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Diversity, Equity
Inclusion, Belonging

 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) is about creating a space and culture where everyone feels seen, heard, valued, and respected.
DEIB embraces people of different ethnicities, genders, ideas, etc. while intentionally providing fair access to resources based on individual needs. Individuals trust one another and feel safe to be their authentic self .
Book a consult to learn more.




I was assigned to produce a conference video covering Chandra's abortion story. Something in me realized Chandra had something I needed! During my first meeting with Chandra, I pretty much verbally vomited all my frustrations that had built up over two years. Her wise guidance was both spiritual AND practical. I left feeling challenged to love myself and God in a healthier, more truthful way.

Armeka, Producer

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